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I like to sit down with new clients to talk about their goals, challenges, motivation, what they’ve done in the past, stressors, health and injury history, and current eating plan.

Then I’ll perform the following tests: aerobic endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition. This allows me to check body positioning, posture, and how their body responds to the tests.

Finally, we’ll talk about their options, customize a plan to get them to their goals, and get their first session booked!

I like to focus on High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), weight lifting, building muscle mass, athletics, and weight loss. 

While I consider these areas my “specialty”, it’s really about meeting people where they’re at, physically and mentally. My aim is to help you identify your fitness goals, design an exercise program that fits your needs and guide you through every exercise, every workout.

Yes! Nutrition education is key to my holistic approach to fitness and health regardless of if you are building muscle, losing fat, increasing bone density or just becoming healthier.

I pride myself in my “No BS” approach to educating clients about what foods you need to eat to help you reach your goals and burn calories while keeping your body type, eating habits, lifestyle, and goals in mind.

Yes! I create meal plans based on what you like and any restrictions that I need to take into consideration. 

If needed, I will  take a more hands-on approach by cooking with the client to teach them basic meal planning guidelines, cooking techniques, portion sizes, food prep skills, and educate them on the foods that they are buying.

As your personal trainer, it is my job to keep track of everything. I create a profile for every client which consists of data from our initial fitness assessment and includes tracking weight loss (weekly or bi-weekly), strength (every six weeks) and flexibility (either through sit-and-reach testing or muscle manipulation). 

I have found that my clients retain information better when I present it using graphs. Having goals presented in a more visual format makes it easier to stay on track, follow progress and make adjustments when appropriate.

There’s nothing better than bringing a positive attitude to the gym each and every day. A positive attitude is infectious!

I bring my best every day, even when I’m feeling less than 100%.  As soon as I get in and start coaching people, immediately my spirits are raised, and my outlook improves. If I’m constantly excited, passionate, and encouraging in front of my clients, it will rub off on them. 

Motivation is a crucial factor that can affect my success as a personal trainer. I remind my clients of their goals…often. This especially at times when they become frustrated with failures, depressed with routine or fatigued from sheer exertion. Sometimes we need to be reminded about where we started, and how far we’ve already come. Even the smallest pieces of motivation along the way can keep us moving in the right direction.

Another way that I motivate my clients is by challenging them often with different types of workouts to make each session as exciting as possible.

A little praise does wonders to perk up anyone’s self-esteem and confidence. Who doesn’t love to be praised and hear a few good words now and then? This helps keep the motivation high. I like to celebrate little victories and milestones as the session progresses with “Wow! That’s not easy and you just did it!” , “Make it happen!” or “We’re going to have a fantastic training period today.”